Small Groups


Women's Group

Lead by: Dianne Parisi and Laura Nell
Meeting: Virtual - Tuesdays @ 6:30

Lunch Brunch

Lead by: Carol Beresford
Meeting: In person - Thursday @ 10:30

Senior Adult Women's

Lead by: Freddie Daughteridge
Meeting: Virtual - Wednesday @ 2:00 p.m.

Mom's Time Out

Lead by: Natalie Richardson
Meeting: Virtual- Wednesdays @ 1pm

Women’s In-Person

Lead by: Dawn Isham
Meeting: Tuesday


Tuesday Night

Lead by: Ray Baugh & others
Meeting: In-person - Tuesdays @ 6:30pm

Men’s Virtual (6:30)

Lead by: Phil Stephenson
Meeting: Virtual - Tuesday @ 6:30

Men's Virtual (5:30)

Lead by: Byron Glass
Meeting: Virtual - Tuesday @ 5:30


Empty Nesters (In-person)

Lead by: Joe Runnels
Meeting: In-person Sunday after church

Parents of TFBC Kids

Lead by: Mike/Reid and others
Meeting: Virtual - Thursday Night @ 8pm

Student Girls

Lead by: Ruth Christenson
Meeting: In person - after church

Celebrate Recovery

Lead by: Rudy and Co
Meeting: In person - Thursday @ 6:30

Senior Adults

Lead by: Ed Ficker
Meeting: Wednesday @ 5:00pm

Empty Nesters (Virtual)

Lead by: Tom Jones
Meeting: Virtual- Sunday @ 8:30am

Young Adults

Lead by: Dean & Tiffany Hendricks and Tom Runnels
Meeting: Tuesday Nights

General Group

Lead by: Kieron Sharpe
Meeting: Virtual- Wednesday nights @ 7pm

Grief Share

Lead by: Kieron Sharpe
Meeting: Tuesday @ 6:30